Calling all Tech Moms: This book is for you!

While there are many great works celebrating women in technology, Pressing ON is the first book of its kind where the focus is on mothers in the technology sector. Pressing ON illuminates the struggles and celebrates the triumphs that moms experience throughout their careers. This book is also for allies of mothers in tech who want to support this movement.

Praise for the Book:

“As a global technology leader and mother of two boys, I can attest to the challenges moms face in the workforce. The stories D’Anzica and Pons share illustrate how you can be a high -performer regardless of gender and take the time to be there for your family, too.”

Catherine Blackmore

General Vice President of NAA Customer Success and Renewals at Oracle

Pressing ON
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About the Authors


M. Pons
Tech Exec, Consultant, Mentor, Volunteer and Mom.


M. D’Anzica
Founder, Thought Leader, Mentor, Volunteer and Mom.

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